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A Children's Trail through the Exhibition „Collectors and Donors of Frankfurt”


Children are great and passionate collectors. They are capable of acquiring detailed expertise on their area of interest; they classify and arrange their collections, engage in trade, talk shop, and present and display their holdings. So what could be more natural than to create a children's trail in the new permanent exhibition, which opened on 18 august 2012 and in which everything revolves around collectors and collections? The show integrates a number of interactive stations for kids with tasks related to the collectors, their collections, and collecting in general.

The children's trail is marked by an easily recognizable symbol. Every child is able to spot exactly where he/she can find special activities for him/herself as soon as he/she enters a room. On the way through the permanent exhibition, there is also something for the young visitors to collect themselves. Distributed throughout the show are holders with collector's cards which can be pasted onto the respective page in the children's catalogue at home.

At the kids' station in the Barckhaus and Glock collection, for instance, objects from the eighteenth-century cabinet of art and curiosities on display there are arranged according to the categories of the period in question (artificialia, naturalia, antiquitas, historica, etc.). The children can also think about what categories are missing from the present-day point of view. To name another example, in the Waldschmidt collection once kept in Frankfurt's municipal library, our junior visitors can try out the transition from map to globe and compare various maps of the world with one another.

The children's trail is also accompanied by a children's catalogue. It doubles as a small Collector's Album in the format of the Kindermuseum publications, and can be obtained from a machine at the entrance to the show at no extra charge. The album is designed for use in the exhibition and contains informative texts, illustrations and tasks. Four pages are devoted to each of the collectors presented in the show. In each case, the collector and his/her collection are presented on two pages: why did he/she collect; how did the collection make its way into the museum? The following two pages contain the tasks related to the respective collection. At the back of the catalogue is a pocket for the collector's cards. There they can be safely stored until their owner pastes them in in the right places once he/she is back home. The Collector's Album thus provides lots of impulses for thinking more about the subject of the show at home and coming back for another visit.


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Children's collectors‘ items; photo: kmf

Children's collectors‘ items; photo: kmf