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Typical Frankfurt!? What do you think of when you think of Frankfurt? Of banks, construction sites and traffic jams? Are these the typical features of our city? A look into the Snow Globe provides both clever and entertaining answers to these questions about the characteristics of Frankfurt.
In the museum foyer, visitors can take a look into the gigantic snow globe and learn about eight of the characteristics typical of Frankfurt. By pushing a button, a robot lifts one of eight models into the globe. They were designed by internationally renowned artists, each of whom dealt with one typical characteristic of our city.
The models represent Frankfurt as a city of money, transport hub and eternal construction site; they show the Jewish Frankfurt, the city of books and critique, but also the city as the capital of break-ins and industry. They play with clichés, show what is popular and well-known, but also unleash many surprises about the lesser-known sides of our city.
The snow globe models are each surrounded by a multimedia sound-image-light show which complements their respective theme.