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Jazz at the museum

HMF-Allstars at the Historical Museum Frankfurt

For their own arrangements, the oldest boy group in Hessen creatively draws from the classical roots of jazz and improvises confidently with the wink of an eye. In interaction with the stylistically confident band, the audience experiences unique musical encounters through solo and collective improvisations. The combination of instruments, jazz styles and artist personalities, which at first seem incompatible, surprise the guests of the matinee concerts again and again with solo and collective improvisations.

The permanent line-up includes Martin Auer, trumpeter of the hr-Bigband, the internationally renowned tenor saxophonist Tony Lakatos, Felix Fromm, trombonist of the hr-Bigband, and Bonn-based sousaphonist, bass saxophonist and singer Jörg Kuhfuß. Bandleader Bernd K. Otto proved the necessary drive on banjo and guitar and moderates the events. The Swingtett is occasionally reinforced by pianist and singer Dirk Raufeisen, who travels from Rapperswil/Switzerland. Other soloists from southern Germany enrich the band as needed. In addition, the HMF Allstars invite a personality from Frankfurt's cultural life and integrate them into the concert.

By the way: The HMF is the only museum in Europe that keeps a jazz band. Conversely, the HMF Allstars are of course the only jazz band that keeps a museum! The abbreviation HMF actually stands for Historical Music Friends, but confusion with the Historical Museum Frankfurt is of course allowed. After all, the Sunday concerts, according to the band leader Bernd K. Otto, fit very will with the atmosphere of this historical museum. Some played titles were already composes a hundred years ago and the partly anachronistically added bebop quotations from the 1950s can meanwhile be heard for 70 years.

You can find the next concerts in our event calender or in the German edition of this page.