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Welcome to the Newsroom of the Historical Museum Frankfurt!
In the newsroom, journalists, bloggers and online influencers can receive material and offers about the Historical Museum, the Young Museum and the Porzellan Museum . Our press kits contain all media-relevant information. Should you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting, then please contact us personally!

Head of Museum communication
Karin Berrío

phone: +49 69 212-37776

Frankfurt Corona Collection at HMF

A selection of the 200 objects and 250 uploads that have been collected so far will be on display until autumn in the exhibition area "Frankfurt Now!"

Together with all Frankfurt's residents, the HMF documents how the pandemic changed and continues to change everyday life and city life. Since the appeal to the urban population at the end of March, around 200 "Corona objects" have been proposed for the museum collection, and in the CityLab Digital, around 250 uploads have been made by around 60 people. A selection of the approximately 450 submissions is currently being presented in the City Lab.

The HMF continues to collect information on how to deal with the easings after the lock down and the constantly changing experiences with the pandemic. The curators of the HMF would like to discuss together with the respondents and the public in the course of this and the coming year through workshops or other (also digital) formats how and what will be included in the collection. Anyone wishing to participate can do so via the City Lab Digital or contact the curators responsible:

Curator City Lab Digital:
Angela Jannelli, angela.jannelli@stadt-frankfurt.de,
You can find further information here.

Collection curators:
Nina Gorgus, nina.gorgus@stadt-frankfurt.de
Dorothee Linnemann, dorothee.linnemann@stadt-frankfurt.de
Further information can be found here.

Das Historische Museum ist auf mehreren Social-Media-Kanälen präsent. Die Meinung unserer Besucher*innen und Nutzer*innen ist uns wichtig – darum freuen wir uns über einen direkten Austausch und konstruktive Kommentare. Dabei wünschen wir uns einen respektvollen Umgang miteinander und möchten Sie bitten, die üblichen Umgangsformen zu beachten. Wir behalten uns vor, Beiträge, deren Inhalt rechtswidrig, rassistisch, antisemitisch, sexistisch, extremistisch, pornografisch, beleidigend oder diffamierend ist, nicht zu veröffentlichen. Entsprechend verfahren wir auch mit Beiträgen, die Werbung oder gewerbliche Inhalte enthalten.

Das Leitbild des Historischen Museums finden Sie hier.


Find out more on social media: the blog was brought to life upon the demolition of the concrete structure and gives an insight into the everyday life of the museum. The museum uses Facebook to spark interest in events and make connections to current topics. A Twitter account was initiated in 2012 by enthusiastic employees. On Instagram, there is a focus on exhibits; YouTube features films.  We look forward to interaction on all channels!