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Do you still know?

At the centre of the project series "Do you still know?" are the memories of its participants. Memories in a museum, as a place of Frankfurt's history and the stories of its inhabitants: Here are numerous points of contact with collective and individual memories are possible. A unique offer for people living with dementia, their relatives and carers to participate in and actively shape cultural activities.

Do you remember? Storytelling Café

...is a group program for people with dementia.

Twice a year we meet at eight storytelling cafés each in the rooms of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt. Over coffee and cake, we would like to engage people with dementia into a conversation about earlier times. Memories abd references to one's own (life) history are evoked by thematically arranged collections of nostalgic objects. Many of the objects - such as records, toys or the milk churn - have long disappeared from today's everyday life. They are often associated with various memories and feelings that can be re-discovered together. Provided that there is a suitable refreshment or a corresponding piece of music on the subject, the recollection is stimulated by all senses.

The exchange in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere takes place in groups of maximum 4-6 participants and under the expert guidance of the Bürgerinstitut and the Historisches Museum Frankfurt. In this way, the narrative cafés encourage the longest possible preservation of cognitive abilities, independence and quality of life. The Historisches Museum Frankfurt and the Bürgerinstitut welcome you.

Do You Remember? Memory Case

... is a group offer usable in inpatient care facilities.

Thematically packed "memory suitcases" full of nostalgic everyday objects can be borrowed free of charge by Frankfurt care facilities. Accompanying booklets provide tips on how to use them and suggestions for remembering together.

The exchange of ideas in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere takes place in self-organized small groups in the common rooms of the care facilities. The open mediation concept allows those carrying out the work to orient themselves to the different abilities and needs of the group.

Do You Remember? Memory Case Digital

... is an individually usable online offer.

A journey to earlier times for people with dementia, their relatives and accompanying persons: Our suitcases full of everyday objects are waiting to be discovered.

The web application is for people with dementia for whom a visit to the museum or storytelling café is no longer possible. But of course it can also be used by people with dementia who simply enjoy memento objects.

Together in the family, with relatives and friends, this web application can be discovered online at any time. Memories are stimulated by everyday objects from earlier times in various themed suitcases. By registering, the personal memory suitcase is always available unchanged and can be repacked or changed again and again. There are instructions on how to use it and also on how to use it with those affected.

The application is free of charge and can be viewed here.

Registration and information:

Bürgerinstitut e.V.
Head of the Section Dementia: Ann-Katrin Adams
Phone: 069-972017-41
Email: kennstdunoch@buergerinstitut.de


Historisches Museum Frankfurt

Sponsor of the project:

Commerzbank Foundation
Family Schambach Foundation

ODDO BHF Stiftung