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Clothes in motion

Setting Clothing in Motion. An object-based examination of clothing as a reconstruction of movement in textile form.

Virtually no research has been done to date on the clothing between 1850 and 1930 from the collection of the Historical Museum Frankfurt. This is the textile source material for the research project. In an entirely new approach, the cut and the material character of clothing, i.e. the characteristics of the textile product, are researched with respect to motion, speed and mobility. This object-based research into clothing serves to make the various modes of experience of human movement visible through the run of the seams, the textile quality and the cut. The aim is to present the results of the research project though new forms of museum presentation and display.

Since August 2015 the VolkswagenStiftung funds the collaborative research project of the University Paderborn with the Historical Museum Frankfurt. The two scientists Prof. Dr. Kerstin Kraft (Project director Paderborn) and Dr. Regina Lösel as scientific researchers work together with the curator of the fashion and textile collection of the museum Dr. Maren Christine Härtel (Projektleiterin in Frankfurt).