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Museum rules

Dear visitors,

it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Historisches Museum Frankfurt and we would like to wish you a pleasant visit. In the interest of all visitors and to guarantee the safety of the exhibits, certain rules are unavoidable. The museum rules are binding for all visitors. Visitors recognise and agree to follow the museum’s rules upon entering the building.

Admission prices and opening hours

The admission prices and opening hours of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt are determined by the museum management. They can be found at the ticket desk and the info stand (foyer).
In cases of overfilling or for special occasions, the museum may be partially or completely closed off for visitors.


Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire museum. Animals (with the exception of guide dogs for the blind) are not permitted in any area of the museum.  If the alarm sounds, the announcements and instructions of the museum staff must be adhered to. Emergency escape routes are clearly marked. 


Collection and exhibition rooms

We kindly ask you not to touch the exhibits so as not to cause damage to them. Exhibition objects where touching is permitted are marked as such.
Eating and drinking is not permitted in the collection and exhibition rooms. It is also not permitted to take any liquids into these rooms. Please use our cloakroom to store any such items (level 0).
The use of skateboards, inline skates or scooters etc. is not permitted. Pushchairs and wheelchairs – both manual and electric wheelchairs that are suitable for indoors – may be used in our rooms. We can provide you with wheelchairs free of charge for the duration of your visit. Service staff are on hand to offer you baby carriers as a replacement for pushchairs you may have brought with you. For safety reasons we reserve the right to control access with pushchairs.
Please be considerate of other visitors and avoid any noise and loud talking. Mobile phones must be switched to silent in the collection and exhibition rooms. Phone calls are not permitted in these rooms.

We particularly look forward to welcoming our youngest visitors and ask guardians to make sure that the safety of the exhibits is not jeopardised and that you show consideration for the other visitors. Running, shouting and screaming and throwing toys around is not permitted. Parents or other accompanying adults visiting the museum with small children are not exempt from their responsibility and must ensure their appropriate behaviour. Group leaders, teachers and other authorised carers of groups are also not exempt from their responsibilities during their visit to the museum. You must watch out for appropriate behaviour of the group and remain with them at all times. Children under the age of 10 may only visit the museum when accompanied by an authorised carer (16 years of age and above). All visitors are liable for any damages caused by their behaviour.

Passages and emergency exists must be kept clear. Emergency exists may only be used in an emergency.


Our cloakroom is available for storing any clothing and bulky or wet items during the entire opening time of the museum (level 0). Large bags and rucksacks (A4 size can be used as a benchmark), rainwear, umbrellas and walking sticks must be handed in to the cloakroom. If in doubt, the supervisory staff will decide. This excludes any walking aids used for medical reasons. Storage of suitcases is possible but limited due to space reasons. Before leaving the museum, used lockers must be emptied. The key of the locker may not be taken away when leaving the museum. The museum has the right to open closed lockers after 72 hours by the museum administration, to empty them and to treat the contents as lost property. The Museum assumes no liability for loss or damage to items deposited in closed lockers. The museum is also not liable for the loss of money and valuables.

Lost property

Should you find any lost items in the museum, we kindly ask you to hand them over to the service staff at the ticket desk (level 0 or 1). Lost property is handled in accordance with the legal regulations. 

Museum Café

The Museum Café (level 0) offers a wide range of food and drink. Eating and drinking is not permitted in the other rooms of the museum open to the public.

Baby changing room

The baby changing room is on level 0, next to Women´s toilets.

Photo, video and audio recordings

Photography without flash in the museum’s collection is permitted for private purposes. Exceptions for special exhibitions will be announced in the exhibition rooms / at the entrance of the exhibition area.You must receive written permission from the Historisches Museum Frankfurt for commercial or editorial photo, video and audio recordings. For this please contact our press department prior to your visit. Without prior consent from the Historisches Museum, commercial use of all recordings is not permitted, nor is the use of additional lighting (e.g. flash, video lighting) and tripods.


Supervisory staff

The supervisory staff have been instructed to make sure that the museum’s rules are adhered to. For this reason, visitors must comply with instructions given by the supervisory staff. If visitors do not follow the museum’s rules or the instructions of the supervisory staff, then the persons in question may not be permitted to stay in the museum as decided by a representative. If asked to leave the museum, admission fees will not be refunded.
We are happy to answer any of your questions and hear your feedback.

We wish you a pleasant visit to the museum.

The museum director